5 Natural Remedies to get Rid of Freckles

Freckles are a common facial skin aliment found in females of almost all ages. These are generally described as a round and flat, brown or dark color spots of...

Freckles are a common facial skin aliment found in females of almost all ages. These are generally described as a round and flat, brown or dark color spots of different sizes which appear on the skin. Nose and cheeks are two most affected areas of the face where you will find lots of freckles.  Lentigines and ephelides are the two basic types of freckles that are used caused due to excessive melanin growth. Prolonged exposure to hereditary, hormonal imbalance, sunlight, disorder like xeroderma pigmentosum and more are some other causes of freckles. Fair or light skinned females are more prone to get freckles on their face.

There are many natural remedies or cure for freckles that are quite safe and easy to try or use at home. Home remedies for freckles are very effective as these provide good and fast results.  This slideshow explains Five widely used natural remedies which you can easily try at home without worry about any side effect as these do not show any side effect.


Lemon juice
One of most effective natural ingredient which is widely used for treating or relieving freckles is lemon juice. With its lighting properties, lemon juice nicely lightens or bleaches your skin’s dark spots. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on affected areas of your skin with the help of your finger and massage that area gently for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, rinse your face with lukewarm water. For effective results, you must do this twice a day.
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Prepare a mixture of water and honey and heat that mixture slightly. Now apply this mixture on your skin affected with freckles and now allow it to settle for a few minutes. Finally rinse your freckle-affected areas with lukewarm water. Besides this, you can also apply a natural and herbal mask by mixing warm honey and wheat germ on your freckles and allow it to dry for at least ten minutes and rinse it with water. Thus the most effective natural remedy for treating freckles.
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Papaya juice is yet another effective natural remedy for treating freckles. Papaya contains papain which is a type of enzyme that helps in lightening freckle spots. Apply fresh juice of papaya directly on the affected areas with a cotton ball and massage it gently and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Besides removing freckles, this natural remedy also treats other type of skin blemishes at the same time and makes your skin look soft and healthier.
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Ginger roots
Rubbing freshly sliced ginger roots thrice or twice a day, gently wipes off your freckles within 15 days.
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Take 7 to 10 almonds and soak them in about ¼ cup of fresh milk in a clay bowl for the whole night. Next morning, prepare a paste of those soaked almonds in the clay bowl itself. Apply that paste on your freckles for about 25 minutes and wash it off with water. For effective results you must follow this process for at least 10 to 20 days.